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SGA provides training for all of our software, upon request, based on an hourly rate. You will find our software is quite user-friendly, with most new installations requiring typically eight to ten hours of training. Most organizations find it most effective to have SGA train a corporate leader or leadership team, who then trains the other users. However, if your organization would prefer SGA to provide training for all users, this can be accomplished remotely in group online training sessions. Onsite training is also available upon request.

Training Accounting Staff

  • Training can be scheduled any time after the initial conversion. SGA can provide a second database for training purposes, at the organization’s request.

  • Your organization requests training as needed, but SGA recommends several training sessions for the main accounting staff on the following subjects:

    • SignOn (1 hr) How to maintain users, passwords (if needed), menu permissions, and G/L account restrictions. Setup group permissions and assign users to groups.
    • General Ledger (1-2 hrs) Journal entry, day-to-day/monthly/yearly accounting procedures, maintaining G/L accounts, overview of how to setup or customize reports, etc. SGA provides commonly used reports.
    • Accounts Payable (2 hrs) Vendor maintenance, invoicing, payments, and reporting.
    • Budgeting (1-2 hrs) Setup budget screen formats and restrictions, as well as review of budget/forecasting process. This training can wait till later in the year, as long as forecasting is set to go immediately. SGA will provide a document for accounting staff explaining budget setups.
    • Purchasing (1 hr) (optional add-on application) Approval tables, branch restrictions, PO entry and processing.
    • Asset Management (1 hr) (optional add-on application) Add assets, dispose of assets, post depreciations, link to invoices, and reporting.

Training Other Users

  • Will your organization train its users in budget entry, forecasting, running reports, browsing transactions, etc., or do you desire SGA to provide training for these users?
  • Regardless of who does this training, SGA can provide a generic Budget Managers’ Training document covering budgeting, forecasting, financial statements, and browsing vendor information, which can be given to these individuals.
  • The suggested time frame is two to three weeks prior to live implementation providing time for users to practice in the test environment.