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Powerful reporting
for Central Accounting
and Branch Executives.

- User-defined columns
- Rows with unlimited
drill-down ability to view
transactions from any report.

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YMCA Accounting Software

Fund Accounting

A powerful accounting solution with drill-down reporting to any detail level, designed with the branch executive in mind.
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Hosting YMCA Accounting


Secure hosting for your accounting with blazing speeds and guaranteed up-time.
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SGA Sales Products YMCA

SGA Sales

It's here! A complete sales system for YMCA’s that integrates seamlessly and in real time with all your G/L chart of accounts.
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Our software runs on Microsoft .NET, utilizing an SQL Server database. We develop both Windows and Web applications.

We are proud to announce our successful beta implementation of SGA Sales with the YMCA of Roanoke Valley. Roanoke has been live in SGA Sales since March, and so far they are all smiles! Special thanks to Allison Watkins and Vickie Borton for all of their hard work and patience in helping to make this happen.
Any device. Anywhere.
SGA Sales is a cloud-based application that is mobile-friendly and will work on everything from a smart phone, to a tablet, to a desktop computer. It is a robust alternative to any Operations/Membership/POS software for YMCA's.
Welcome Dana Snyder to the SGA team!
Dana is our newest team member, just joining us in 2016. Prior to joining SGA, Dana worked full-time with the YMCA since 2004. Dana served the YMCA of Greater Boston for nearly 7 years as an Associate Executive Director, and served the YMCA of Middle Tennessee for 5 years as Director of Financial Reporting and Analysis. As a long time power user of SGA Accounting, Dana plays a huge role in Accounting help desk support, assists in new Accounting conversions, and is taking on a growing role in the continued development of SGA Sales and support.

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"When I call SGA, it’s always a live person that picks up the phone. That’s huge. Someone is going to answer who seems to always ask about my day, and then is going to do whatever it takes to solve my issue. And I like that it’s always the same people; the support team is small enough that we get to know them, and they get to know us. It feels like family."

Allison Watkins
CFO YMCA of Roanoke Valley, Roanoke, VARead Full Story >

"Today we place a premium on the input of our partners to help us continually develop our product to serve the changing needs of each and every Y. Our focus at SGA is YMCA’s, and will continue to be YMCAs."
Gary Stock
President and Founder
Our Story
SGA Accounting has been around for over 30 years, but the software that Y’s enjoy today was born 14 years ago. In 2001, a consortium of six YMCA’s implemented SGA Accounting. SGA Budgeting and Reporting were created using ideas produced in focus groups from within those first six YMCA’s. Since then, SGA Accounting has grown organically, being added to almost daily with ideas from Y’s around the country. We’ve grown from being partnered with those original 6 Y’s to over 50 Y’s today of all sizes. And, those original six Y’s are still with us.
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