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Microsoft .NET Framework 4.0
Microsoft SQL Server

AVR 4.0 Deployment Version 11.465 (29 mb)
AVR 4.0 Deployment Version 11.384 (58 mb)

DataGate 400 5.0 Version 5.1200.150 (4 mb)
For instructions on installing Datagate/400 see Installation Notes
To download the latest version of DataGate 400 go to ASNA's website
If you do not know what version of DataGate you have you can check it by doing the following: open the database manager - Help menu - About, and click the Server License button.

SGA Training Guide - Accounts Payable
Budgeting and Forecasting Training Guide for Branch Staff
Budgeting Training Guide for Accounting Staff
Example Budget Component screen shots
Purchasing - Training Guide
Sign-On How to add a user

Enable HTML help over network
Enable HTML help over network
Due to a Microsoft security "feature", by default HTML help files cannot be viewed over a network drive. This feature can be turned off, but only within the registry. This program creates the registry entry.