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Accounting Conversion



SGA will work with your IT staff to define hardware and system requirements, as well as to establish remote access for SGA for implementation and ongoing software support.

Conversion Process

  • Your organization would provide SGA with a copy of current accounting files, as well as several financial reports to be used to prove the conversion figures. (Balance Sheet, Income/Expense Statements, and/or G/L Trial Balance.)

  • Normally, using remote access, SGA runs the conversion several times until we work out any data issues and prove the system to be in balance.
  • Once we have a clean conversion, the software is installed on your server in order to begin initial review with your main accounting personnel. The initial conversion usually takes about a week; subsequent conversions a day’s time.

Proving the Conversion

  • Your organization can then prove the conversion by running a few reports (from SGA) and comparing these to similar reports (from old system) for the converted time frame, to prove account balances.
  • SGA will work with you to answer questions, identify data conversion issues, etc.

Accounting Application Setups

  • Imports/Exports. Partners should send an example file/format for each import/export required; SGA will setup the specs and test/review the process with you.
    • Membership
    • Payroll
  • Bank file of cleared checks
  • Misc journal entry imports, if needed
  • Positive Pay export, if needed
  • Misc A/P invoice imports, if needed
  • Any others
  • System settings. SGA recommends a GoToMeeting session to review the system’s optional settings (your organization’s preferences) and set accordingly.
  • A/P check form
    • Your organization should mail a sample/voided check so SGA can setup the check form specs.
    • If using computer-printed signatures, work with SGA to include this file on the check form.
    • Print a sample AP check to test the check format. If using blank check stock, a sample printed check needs submitted to the bank for approval prior to going live.
  • Reports
    • SGA provides commonly-used financials and transaction reports.
    • Develop (with SGA’s assistance) any additional reports needed.


SGA provides online training for all of our software upon request based on an hourly rate.

Test entry (by your organization)

  • Enter a journal entry
  • Test adding an attachment
  • Add/edit a vendor
  • Enter a PO (optional)
  • Enter an invoice
  • Tag invoices for payment/create a check batch
  • Print a check and be sure to test alignment on your check form.
    • Also computer-printed signatures, if necessary.
  • Import example files (membership, payroll, etc.)
  • Import checks from bank (import can be tested only after checks are paid from SGA Accounting)

A/P Open Payables (Prepare for live conversion)

  • Plan how to handle open payables at time of live conversion.
  • Attempt to clear out open payables by entering only invoices that will be paid in the current system.
  • Invoices to be paid in SGA must be entered into SGA.

Going Live

  • Establish a go-live date with SGA.
  • Final conversion is run overnight (by SGA).
  • Live conversion to SGA will include all G/L transactions up to the moment; thus the live conversion can usually take place any day of the month.
    • Final review of balances
    • All entry is now live in SGA
    • Accounts Payable: any open payables must be entered in SGA
    • Entry in SGA may continue to the prior month, prior year, this month, next month, etc.


Partner: Be sure nightly backups are scheduled and happening.