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Our software runs on Microsoft .NET, utilizing an SQL Server database. We develop both Windows and Web applications.


Our third and final beta release implementation was a great success. We are extremely pleased to announce that SGA Sales will be available as a live release offering at the onset of 2018. Read More


For over 30 years SGA has been serving the financial needs of private and public organizations. Today SGA’s Fund Accounting is used by almost half of the major metropolitan YMCA’s and that same system is used for many smaller YMCA’s across the country. Read More


Utilizes a sophisticated but easy to use approval process that gives you the ability to create as many approvers as you want, include dollar maximums, limit by account number, and automatically email upon entry. It can show the branch executives only their branch's PO’s and it greatly simplifies invoice entry. Read More


It does all the asset and depreciation entries for you posting them directly into your General Ledger. And since it is all one system, you can drill-down to see the assets that make up those transactions. Read More


YMCA’s are using this to track and report on the Annual Capital Budget, or the payment activities of principal and interest for loans. It can have many uses assigning transactions to an object. Read More


SGA now offers secure remote hosting for your SGA Fund Accounting. The servers are custom built with solid state disks giving you the best speeds available. Setup is easy and users can conveniently access the software through a desktop icon. Read More


Within SGA there are reporting tools specific to the accounting but there is also a Generic Report Writer that will work for almost any database that you can access. Read More