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YMCA of South Hampton Roads, Chesapeake, VA
Contact: Amelia Baker, CMO
Email: abaker@ymcashr.org
Phone: 757-962-5502
Website: www.ymcashr.org
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Central Coast YMCA, Salinas, CA
Contact: Scott Kurteff, CFO
Email: skurteff@ymcacentralcoast.org
Phone: 831-757-4633 x12
Website: www.centralcoastymca.org
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YMCA of Virginia's Blue Ridge, Roanoke, VA
Contact: Allison Watkins, CFO
Email: awatkins@ymcavbr.org
Phone: 540-527-9622 x3104
Website: www.ymcavbr.org
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Ann Arbor YMCA, Ann Arbor, MI
Contact: Laura Ramirez, VP of Finance
Email: lramirez@annarborymca.org
Phone: 734-661-8054
Website: www.annarborymca.org
YMCA of Metro Atlanta, Atlanta, GA
Contact: Nedra Jones, Controller
Email: nedraj@ymcaatlanta.org
Phone: 404-588-962
Website: www.ymcaatlanta.org
Austin YMCA, Austin, TX
Contact: Tracie Stookesberry, Controller
Email: Tracie.Stookesberry@austinymca.org
Phone: 512-322-9622 x139
Website: austinymca.org
YMCA of Birmingham, Birmingham, AL
Contact: Jenny Bamford, Controller
Email: jbamford@ymcabham.org
Phone: 205-445-2850
Website: ymcabham.org
YMCA of Greater Boston, Boston, MA
Contact: Adeline Campbell, Senior Director of Information Services
Email: ACampbell@ymcaboston.org
Phone: 617-927-8093
Website: www.ymcaboston.org
YMCA of the Brandywine Valley, West Chester, PA
Contact: Kandi Anderson, Assistant Controller
Email: kanderson@ymcabwv.org
Phone: 610-643-9622 x2125
Website: www.ymcabwv.org
YMCA of the Capital Area, Baton Rouge, LA
Contact: Scott Batrous, IT Director
Email: sbatrous@ymcabr.org
Phone: 225-445-5199
Website: www.ymcabatonrouge.org/
Central Connecticut Coast YMCA, New Haven, CT
Contact: Melissa Kessell, Sr Vice President/CFO
Email: mkessell@cccymca.org
Phone: 203-777-9622
Website: cccymca.org
YMCA of Central Massachusetts, Worcester, MA
Contact: Doris Harrison, Director of IT/Diversity & Inclusion
Email: dharrison@ymcaofcm.org
Phone: (508) 755-6101 x250
Website: www.ymcaofcm.org
YMCA of Central New Mexico, Albuquerque, NM
Contact: Erin Gandara, CFO
Email: egandara@ymcacnm.org
Phone: 508-842-8290 x23558
Website: www.ymcacnm.org
YMCA of Central Ohio, Columbus, OH
Contact: Brad McCain, Sr Vice. President/CFO
Email: bmccain@ymcacolumbus.org
Phone: 614-573-3609
Website: www.ymcacolumbus.org
YMCA of Metropolitan Chattanooga, Chatanooga, TN
Contact: Jonathan Panter, CFO
Email: jpanter@ymcachattanooga.org
Phone: 423-805-3304
Website: www.ymcachattanooga.org
Greater Cleveland YMCA, Cleveland, OH
Contact: Holly DuPlain, CFO
Email: hduplain@clevelandymca.org
Phone: 216-263-6833
Website: www.clevelandymca.org
YMCA of Coastal Carolina, Myrtle Beach, SC
Contact: Ryan Finney, CEO
Email: ryanfinney@coastalcarolinaymca.org
Phone: 843-449-9622
Website: coastalcarolinaymca.org
YMCA of Columbia, Columbia, SC
Contact: Bill Price, CEO
Email: billprice@columbiaymca.org
Phone: 803-748-9622 x110
Website: www.columbiaymca.org
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Crossroads YMCA, Griffith, IN
Contact: Jen Menig, Accounting Manager
Email: jmenig@crymca.org
Phone: 219-663-5810
Website: www.crymca.org
YMCA of Metropolitan Dallas, Irving, TX
Contact: John Walters, Controller
Email: jwalters@ymcadallas.org
Phone: 972-5603803
Website: www.ymcadallas.org
YMCA of Delaware, Wilmington, DE
Contact: Greg Maziarz, CFO
Email: gmaziarz@ymcade.org
Phone: 302-571-6967
Website: www.ymcade.org
YMCA of Metropolitan Detroit, Detroit, MI
Contact: Michelle Kotas, VP of Finance, Controller
Email: mkotas@ymcadetroit.org
Phone: 313-267-5300 x349
Website: www.ymcadetroit.org
View YMCA of Metropolitan Detroit's Success Story.
YMCA of Eastern Delaware County, Lansdowne, PA
Contact: Eleanor Johnson, CAO
Email: ejohnson@cyedc.org
Phone: 610-713-5260
Website: www.cyedc.org
YMCA of Greater Erie, Erie, PA
Contact: Dawn Stearns, Controller
Email: dstearns@ymcaerie.org
Phone: 814-452-1432
Website: www.ymcaerie.org
The Family Y, Augusta, GA
Contact: Cheryl Wirt, CFO
Email: cwirt@thefamilyy.org
Phone: 706-922-9603
Website: www.thefamilyy.org
YMCA of Florida's First Coast, Jacksonville, FL
Contact: Melissa Little, Assistant Controller
Email: mlittle@firstcoastymca.org
Phone: 904-265-1813
Website: www.firstcoastymca.org
View YMCA of Florida's First Coast's Success Story.
YMCA Foothills Area, Seneca, SC
Contact: Christie Ross, CEO
Email: cross@y4all.org
Phone: 864-571-9622
Website: faymca.org
YMCA Frederick County, Frederick, MD
Contact: Becky May , Controller
Email: Bmay@frederickymca.org
Phone: 301-663-5131
Website: frederickymca.org
YMCA of Metropolitan Fort Worth, Fort Worth, TX
Contact: Jaye Helm, CFO
Email: jhelm@ymcafw.org
Phone: 817-566-1062
Website: www.ymcafw.org
View YMCA of Metropolitan Fort Worth's Success Story.
YMCA of Greater Fort Wayne, Fort Wayne, IN
Contact: Mick Sokolowski, CFO
Email: mick_sokolowski@fwymca.org
Phone: 260-918-2153
Website: www.fwymca.org
View YMCA of Greater Fort Wayne's Success Story.
Gateway Regional YMCA, St. Louis, MO
Contact: Joe Sanning, Vice President and Controller
Email: joe.sanning@ymcastlouis.org
Phone: 314-436-1177
Website: www.ymcastlouis.org
YMCA Glens Falls, Glens Falls, NY
Contact: Kelly Edwards, Accounting Supervisor
Email: kedwards@glensfallsymca.org
Phone: 518-793-3878
Website: glensfallsymca.org
The Granite YMCA, Manchester, NH
Contact: John Visconti, VP of Finance
Email: jvisconti@graniteymca.org
Phone: 603-623-3558
Website: www.graniteymca.org
Great Plains Family YMCA, Weatherford, OK
Contact: Shane Pratt, CEO
Email: shane@gpfymca.com
Phone: (580) 772-0202
Website: www.gpfymca.com/
Hanover Area YMCA, Hanover, PA
Contact: Kira Kessler, Director of Finance
Email: kkessler@hanoverymca.org
Phone: (717) 632-8211 x246
Website: www.hanoverymca.org
YMCA of Greater Hartford, Hartford, CT
Contact: Joe Weist, VP Finance & CFO
Email: Joe.Weist@ghymca.org
Phone: 860-522-4183
Website: www.ghymca.org
YMCA of Greater Houston, Houston, TX
Contact: Jennifer Garcia, CFO
Email: Jennifer.Garcia@ymcahouston.org
Phone: 713-758-9113
Website: www.ymcahouston.org
YMCA of Greater Kansas City, Kansas City, MO
Contact: Kelli McClure, Chief Financial Officer
Email: kellimcclure@kansascityymca.org
Phone: (816) 360-3323
Website: www.kansascityymca.org/
YMCA of Greater Kingsport, Greater Kingsport, TN
Contact: Kimberly Cousineau, CEO
Email: kcousineau@ymcakpt.org
Phone: 423-765-9901
Website: www.ymcakpt.org
Lawton Family YMCA, Lawton, OK
Contact: Amanda Storck, CFO
Email: astorck@ymcaokc.org
Phone: (405) 297-7724
Website: www.lawtonfamilyymca.org
YMCA of Lincoln, Lincoln, NE
Contact: Renee Yost, CFO
Email: Ryost@ymcalincoln.org
Phone: (402) 434-9202
Website: www.ymcalincoln.org
View YMCA of Lincoln's Success Story.
Greater Louisville YMCA, Louisville, KY
Contact: Audrey Roling, CFO
Email: aroling@ymcalouisville.org
Phone: 502.587.2384
Website: www.ymcalouisville.org
Greater Lowell Family YMCA, Lowell, MA
Contact: Adele Tsoukaris, Financial Controller
Email: atsoukaris@lowellymca.org
Phone: (978) 454-7825 x17
Website: www.greaterlowellymca.org
YMCA of Central Maryland, Baltimore, MD
Contact: Jeff Mazerski, Vice President of Information Technology
Email: jeffmazerski@ymaryland.org
Phone: 410-837-1077 x236
Website: www.ymaryland.org
Meadowlands Area YMCA, East Rutherford, NJ
Contact: Carol Pasquale, CAO
Email: cpasquale@meadowlandsymca.org
Phone: (201) 955-5300 x24
Website: www.meadowlandsymca.org
YMCA of Memphis & The Mid-South, Memphis, TN
Contact: Terry Grigsby, Senior Vice President and CFO
Email: Terry.grigsby@ymcamemphis.org
Phone: (901) 766-7677 x118
Website: ymcamemphis.org
YMCA of Metro North, Peabody, MA
Contact: Lisa Ferraro, CFO
Email: lferraro@metronorthymca.org
Phone: 978-548-5067
Website: www.metronorthymca.org
Metrowest YMCA, Framingham, MA
Contact: Sean McGourty, CFO
Email: smcgourty@metrowestymca.org
Phone: 508-879-4420 x21
Website: www.metrowestymca.org
YMCA of Middle Tennessee, Nashville, TN
Contact: Kathleen S. Harper, Director of Finance
Email: ksharper@ymcamidtn.org
Phone: (615) 259-9622
Website: www.ymcamidtn.org
Great Miami Valley YMCA, Hamilton, OH
Contact: Lindy Salemo, Financial Services Administrator
Email: lsalerno@gmvymca.org
Phone: (513) 887-0001 x25
Website: www.gmvymca.org/
YMCA of Greater Nashua, Nashua, NH
Contact: Cindy McNickle, CFO
Email: cmcnickle@nmymca.org
Phone: 603-598-1533
Website: nmymca.org
YMCA of the North Shore, Beverly, MA
Contact: Laura Snyder, Director of Financial Reporting
Email: snyderl@northshoreymca.org
Phone: (978) 564-3070
Website: www.northshoreymca.org/
YMCA of Northwest Louisiana, Shreveport, LA
Contact: John Ford, CFO
Email: johnf@ymcanwla.org
Phone: 318-674-9622
Website: www.ymcanwla.org
YMCA of Northwest North Carolina , Winston-Salem, NC
Contact: Donna Rodgers, Senior VP and CFO
Email: d.rodgers@ymcanwnc.org
Phone: 336-777-6345
Website: ymcanwnc.org
YMCA of Greater Oklahoma City, Oklahoma City, OK
Contact: Amanda Storck, CFO
Email: astorck@ymcaokc.org
Phone: 405-297-7724
Website: www.ymcaokc.org
Peninsula Metropolitan YMCA, Newport News, VA
Contact: Sandy Davoy, CFO
Email: sandy.davoy@peninsulaymca.org
Phone: 757-223-7925 x202
Website: www.peninsulaymca.org
YMCA of Philadelphia & Vicinity, Philadelphia, PA
Contact: Neely Rosen, CFO
Email: neely.rosen@philaymca.org
Phone: 215-963-3727
Website: www.philaymca.org
The Piedmont Family YMCA, Charlottesville, VA
Contact: Missy Corbin, CFO
Email: mcorbin@piedmontymca.org
Phone: 434-974-9622
Website: piedmontymca.org
YMCA of Greater Pittsburgh, Pittsburgh, PA
Contact: Jim Needles, Vice President, Business Information Systems
Email: jneedles@ymcapgh.org
Phone: 412-227-3814
Website: www.ymcaofpittsburgh.org
Ponca City YMCA, Ponca City, OK
Contact: Shane Harland, Executive Director
Email: sharland@ymcaofponcacity.net
Phone: 580 765 5417
Website: www.ymcaofponcacity.net/
YMCA of the Oranges, Livingston, NJ
Contact: Alisa Vural, CFO
Email: AVural@metroymcas.org
Phone: 973-758-9622 x106
Website: www.metroymcas.org/
Old Colony YMCA, Brockton, MA
Contact: Linda Deane, Senior Vice President, CIO
Email: ldeane@oldcolonyymca.org
Phone: (508) 583-2155 x233
Website: www.oldcolonyymca.org/
YMCA of Greater Richmond, Richmond, VA
Contact: David Wyman, CFO
Email: wymand@ymcarichmond.org
Phone: 804-474-4415
Website: www.ymcarichmond.org
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Robert K Fox Family YMCA, Lancaster, OH
Contact: Kerry Sheets, CFO
Email: ksheets@ymcalancaster.org
Phone: 740-654-0616 x241
Website: www.ymcalancaster.org
View Robert K Fox Family YMCA's Success Story.
YMCA of Greater Rochester, Rochester, NY
Contact: Paul LeFrois, Jr, CFO
Email: paul.lefrois@rochesterymca.org
Phone: 585-263-3930
Website: www.rochesterymca.org/
Gateway Region YMCA, St. Louis, MO
Contact: Joe Sanning, Vice President of Accounting and Controller
Email: Joe.Sanning@gwrymca.org
Website: www.gwrymca.org
View Gateway Region YMCA's Success Story.
YMCA Saint Petersburg, St. Petersburg, FL
Contact: Caroline Bloodworth, Director of Finance
Email: cbloodworth@stpeteymca.org
Phone: 727-895-9622
Website: stpeteymca.org
Shasta Family YMCA, Reading, CA
Contact: Patrice Hanson, Accounting and IT Specialist
Email: phanson@sfymca.org
Phone: 530-246-9622
Website: www.sfymca.org
The SKY Family YMCA, Venice, FL
Contact: Marcia Williams, VP of Finance
Email: MWilliams@veniceymca.org
Phone: 941-492-9622 x150
Website: www.swflymca.org
YMCA of Snohomish County, Everett, WA
Contact: Susan Cournoyer, SVP/CFO
Email: SCournoyer@ymca-snoco.org
Phone: 425-374-5725
Website: ymca-snoco.org
South Shore YMCA, Quincy, MA
Contact: Chris Meyers, VP of Financial Systems and Services
Email: cmeyers@ssymca.org
Phone: 781-264-9415
Website: www.ssymca.org
YMCA of Southwestern Indiana, Evansville, IN
Contact: Jennifer Brown, COO
Email: brown@ymcaswin.org
Phone: (812) 492-6702
Website: www.ymcaswin.org
YMCA Spartanburg , Spartanburg , SC
Contact: Rick Callebs, CEO
Email: rcallebs@spartanburgymca.org
Phone: 864-585-0306
Website: spartanburgymca.org
YMCA of the Suncoast, Clearwater, FL
Contact: Sharlene Clark, VP of Finance
Email: sclark@suncoastymca.org
Phone: 727-467-9622
Website: www.suncoastymca.org
Tampa Metropolitan Area YMCA, Tampa Bay, FL
Contact: Jane Bowling, Controller
Email: Jane.Bowling@TampaYMCA.org
Phone: 813-224-9622 x1230
Website: www.tampymca.org
Treasure Valley YMCA, Boise, ID
Contact: Tom O'Neil, CFO
Email: tom.oneil@ymcatvidaho.org
Phone: 208-344-5502 x239
Website: www.ymcatvidaho.org
View Treasure Valley YMCA's Success Story.
YMCA of the Twin Tiers, Olean, NY
Contact: Barb Sweitzer, CEO
Email: barbs@twintiersymca.org
Phone: 716-701-1314
Website: www.twintiersymca.org
YMCA of Greater Tulsa, Tulsa, OK
Contact: Ronda Jenkins, CFO
Email: rcjt@ymcatulsa.org
Phone: 918-728-3915
Website: ymcatulsa.org
Valley of the Sun YMCA, Phoenix, AZ
Contact: Susan Suman, CFO
Email: smsuman@vosymca.org
Phone: 602-404-9622
Website: vosymca.org
Valparaiso Family YMCA, Valparaiso, IN
Contact: Zach Wagner, Director of Finance
Email: zwagner@valpoymca.org
Phone: 219-462-4185 x265
Website: www.valpoymca.org
Volusia Flagler Family YMCA, Deland, FL
Contact: Latoya Figueroa, CFO
Email: LFigueroa@vfymca.org
Phone: 386-738-9622 x504
Website: vfymca.org
YMCA of Metropolitan Washington, Washington, DC
Contact: Dwight Bridges, CFO
Email: dwight.bridges@ymcadc.org
Phone: 202-797-4490
Website: www.ymcadc.org
Watertown Family YMCA, Watertown, NY
Contact: Stacey Bristow, Director of Finance
Email: sbristow@nnyymca.org
Phone: 315-782-3100
Website: watertownymca.org
YMCA of Waycross, Waycross, GA
Contact: Renee Popham, Business Manager
Email: rpopham@ymcawaycross.org
Phone: 912-285-8660
Website: ymcawaycross.com
West Suburban YMCA, Newton, MA
Contact: Chris Myers, CFO
Email: ChrisM@westsuburbanymca.org
Phone: 617-244-6050 x3010
Website: www.westsuburbanymca.org
Wood River YMCA, Boise, ID
Contact: Tom O'Neil, CFO
Email: tom.oneil@ymcatvidaho.org
Phone: 208-344-5502 x239
Website: www.ymcatvidaho.org
Boys and Girls Club of Metro Richmond, Richmond, VA
Contact: Tami Powell, CFO
Email: tpowell@bgcmr.org
Phone: 804-359-5250 x226
Website: bgcmr.org
Delaware Nature Society, Hockessin, DE
Contact: Cheri Dill, Controller
Email: Cheri.Dill@delawarenaturesociety.org
Phone: 302-239-2334 x116
Website: delawarenaturesociety.org
Tiger Academy Charter School, Jacksonville, FL
Contact: Melissa Little, Assistant Controller
Email: mlittle@firstcoastymca.org
Phone: 904-265-1813
Website: www.firstcoastymca.org