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Excellent Service,
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SGA Team

Our Mission:

SGA is for quality products and excellent service at reasonable prices. Our team has many talents, all of which are very important to our partners for their software and processing needs. SGA is blessed to have a variety of people resources and respects the value of each member on our team!

  • Gary Stock Founder

    President and founder of SGA in 1982, Gary has been serving private, government and non-profit organizations' software needs for over 40 years.  He is a visionary with a commitment to serve the financial software needs of organizations around the world. His motto is, "Listen to our SGA partners as well as their need to keep up with ever-changing technologies, then make it happen!"

  • Mike Stock CEO

    Since 1995, Mike has paved the way for SGA from the very beginning in development of numerous components of our software products and operating platforms. Originally authoring many of SGA’s systems and having served multiple roles in his tenure since, he now dedicates his time seeing through the vision for serving SGA’s partners and their communities.

  • Andrew Harchak COO

    Andrew had years of experience in web development before joining SGA's team.  He joined SGA in early 2012 and had been primarily developing SGA Sales, our new sales system for everything related to members. Now as our COO, Andrew directs SGA’s day to day operations.

  • Jeff Stock Lead Software Engineer

    Jeff has been with SGA since 1998 and is the heart and soul of all SGA software products. He is quite unique, especially gifted with an ability to design and develop application software to generically interact with various operating software and database platforms. Jeff is truly a systems program manager, not just an application program manager.

  • Deb Stock SGA Accounting

    If our users have had an accounting question over the years, chances are they’ve spoken with Deb.  Deb, along with Gary, has been at SGA since the beginning and knows the Fund Accounting system and its processes inside and out.  She is always willing to lend her knowledge and a helping hand.

  • Janice Illig SGA Accounting

    Janice specializes in data file conversions and imports. Since 1997 she has been closely involved in serving the needs of our partners on a daily basis. Janice understands the detail of the Fund Accounting process extremely well. She is quite knowledgeable of all the features and functions when our partners need answers.

  • Stacey Davis SGA Accounting

    Stacey has been a part of our team since 2017. If you've called SGA, chances are you've talked to Stacey. Her background in accounting has helped in her role in Accounting help desk support. Whether it be on the phone or through email, Stacey is helping our partners get the answers they need.

  • Sheena Endress SGA Accounting

    Sheena joined our team in 2019 with a vast amount of knowledge from prior roles supporting multiple Intuit products including QuickBooks. She has been a natural fit from the start. Now fully versed in SGA Accounting, Sheena helps our partners truly understand the functionality of our system and how to use it to its fullest potential.

  • Brittany Knox SGA Accounting

    Since joining SGA in 2020, Brittany has utilized her background in communications to connect with clients and understand their questions. Brittany continues to learn and grow as an accounting support specialist and valued member of our team.

  • Ed Watkins SGA Accounting

    Before joining SGA, Ed served in an array accountant roles for a variety of companies. As a CPA with such a deep background, Ed uses his wealth of knowledge to help our partners find the best solutions to their problems. Ed is involved in support, software design, and presentations.

  • Lou Coxe SGA Accounting & SGA Sales

    Lou joined SGA in early 2012 and has brought with him the knowledge and insight he gained in his 23 years as the CFO of the YMCA of Delaware. He is still helping Y’s across the country both in systems design and in personal support of the Fund Accounting software. He has also played a very central role in the design of SGA Sales.

  • Dana Snyder SGA Sales

    Dana is the primary implementation specialist for SGA Sales and a key figure in the development of new features and functionality. Prior to joining SGA in 2016, Dana spent 7 years in operations with the YMCA of Greater Boston and 5 years with the YMCA of Middle Tennessee as the Director of Financial Reporting and Analysis. A long time power user of SGA Accounting, Dana also plays a role in Accounting support if needed.

  • Lisa Szucs SGA Sales

    Before joining SGA, Lisa was the Senior Membership Director for YMCA of the Twin Tiers Association. While at the Y, she wore many hats including providing direct leadership for multiple departments, working closely with the CEO and CFO in operations with budgeting and performance analysis. She also lead the member services sales system conversion to SGA Sales. As a former user of SGA Sales she has a wealth of knowledge and experience and she puts those skills to good use now at SGA.

  • Linsey McFetridge Report Specialist

    Linsey joined our team in 2018 and made an immediate impact. She is well versed in SQL and the SGA reporting tools. She uses knowledge of SGA systems to create and maintain reports that our clients use on a daily basis. In addition to her work in SQL and Reporting, she provides critical data analysis during the conversion of new clients to SGA.

  • Shannon Gordon SGA Sales

    Shannon draws from her experience as a former YMCA staff member and user of SGA Sales to support our SGA Sales partners. Her background gives her an informed perspective on and understanding of our partner's needs, and she is always there to listen, answer questions and find solutions.

  • Aaron Harchak IT Mission Advancement

    Aaron serves as a bridge between the practical aspects of our mission advancement and the constantly changing world of IT that makes what we do possible. Aaron thrives on wearing many hats while somehow maintaining the ability to focus on one or two when needed.

  • Dave Stock IT Administrator, Network Engineer

    Joining SGA in 1999, Dave has specialized in networking, hardware and IT concerns.  More recently he has been paving the way for SGA hosting.  Dave has helped make our partners' transitions and hardware upgrades very smooth with his knowledge and efforts to bring us all up to speed on the latest technology and techniques.

  • Tim Card IT Support

    Tim helps to maintain SGA’s hosting infrastructure and brings the perspective of a seasoned IT professional. Tim is also well versed in SQL and information database structure.