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Object Tracking

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Object Tracking

What do you need to track?

  • Used for tracking grants, projects, fixed assets, work orders - anything you can define as an object.
    Can be used for a very wide range of subjects
  • Completely user-defined object structure similar to account numbers
    • Option to tie or not tie to General Ledger
    • If tied to G/L, in entry you can enter an object that gives you account(s) or enter an account that gives you object(s)
  • Ability to create user-defined columns for objects or just a part of the object number
  • Easily implemented
Object Tracking grants fixed assets work orders
What is the optional SGA Object Tracking System you might ask?
YMCA’s are using this to track and report on the Annual Capital Budget, the payment activities of principal and interest for loans, report on the gifts, earnings and draws from within their endowment and more.
YMCA Reporting Annual Budget

Drill down capability for financial reports
The system works by assigning an object number to any transaction in A/P or to a journal entry. The system is intimately tied into SGA Accounting and so when viewing transactions for an object you also see the related file attachments. The Generic Report Writer is used for reporting and you have the same drill down capability you have come to love in the Financial Reports. The structure of the object number is flexible per Type of Object (Capital, Debt or Endowment, etc.) and can have multiple comments or attachments (like contracts and bids and memos) and include additional fields of “custom information.”

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