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Remember Lou Coxe and Joanne Wolters?

Remember Lou Coxe and Joanne Wolters? Well, they're still helping YMCA's everyday.

Since February of 2012, Lou Coxe has been part of our staff, sharing with both us and our partners the knowledge and insight he gained in his 23 years as the CFO of the YMCA of Delaware. He has been instrumental in nearly every aspect of SGA since he's arrived.

Joanne Wolters has also joined us in 2014 since retiring from the YMCA of Delaware and has been actively involved in developing SGA Sales, our new sales system designed to handle everything from memberships to merchandise. She worked at the YMCA of Delaware for 26 years: 7 years as the Membership Director, and 19 years as the Systems Administrator.

We are very blessed to have both of these wonderful people on board!

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