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Frequently Asked Questions


Frequently Asked Questions

What does pricing entail?
Our pricing is three-fold.
1. Front-end software cost and conversion fee.
2. Monthly Lease-for-Use fee. This includes ongoing live phone support and technical support.
3. SGA provides training for all of our software, upon request, based on an hourly rate. You will find our software is quite user-friendly, with most new installations requiring typically eight to ten hours of training.

For more information on specific pricing for your company, please contact us.
For more information on training, see training.

What are the major system requirements for your software?
See system requirements

How smoothly can I perform my year-end process?
Year-end processes are performed very smoothly with our system. You simply go to the "Month-End" menu in General Ledger and click on the "Close Out Year" option. That's it! The software does the rest!

How do I enter auditors' adjusting entries for the prior year?
To enter auditors' adjusting entries for the prior year, simply do a journal entry and change the transaction month/year to the month in the prior fiscal year that you wish to enter into. The computer will do any necessary closing entries and automatically update the current year balances up to the present.

Can I print checks by vendor name or vendor number?
Checks can be printed by both vendor name and number. To specify this aspect, go into the "Setup" menu in the Accounts Payable module of SGA Accounting. Click on "A/P Preferences." Then click on the check tab. Hit the edit key and go to the drop down menu by "Print checks by." There you can select whether you want to print checks by vendor name or by vendor number.

How do I know who is signed onto SGA Accounting?
Go to Signon > Tools > Activity Monitor to see a list of users currently logged in. Right click on a user name to see a list of all databases or kill all processes for a database.

What is the month end process?
There is no special month-end processing, such as an update, additional posting, or concern about crossing a month end. Entries can be made to past, current, or future months, depending upon your high-level setting.

How do I record a bank draft?
Enter an A/P invoice and click the EFT button to record the bank draft information, including bank account, remark, payment date, etc. In this way you have both the invoice and payment information in A/P vendor history.

How do I void a check?
From the vendor’s A/P transactions screen, click to highlight the payment, then click the Void Payment button. You have control over the month the void hits the general ledger, as well as the option to reopen the invoice(s). This saves having to re-enter the invoice in event the check needs reissued.

Can I change an invoice after it has been entered?
An invoice can be edited or deleted while it is still in batch. After an invoice has been posted, depending on user permission for invoice entry, anything except account and amount may be changed. If account and/or amount are incorrect, the invoice must be voided and re-entered if necessary.


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