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SGA Sales is a complete solution for all of your membership, sales, and front desk needs. It is a robust alternative to any Operations/Membership/POS software for YMCA's.



Mobile Cloud App

SGA Sales is a cloud-based application that is mobile-friendly and will work on everything from a smart phone, to a tablet, to a desktop computer. All transactions generated from the app will be live in SGA Fund Accounting and fully integrated with G/L.

Members will be able to do the following from the app:
  • Register and pay for memberships and programs online
  • Make donations
  • Manage personal and family information
  • View activities online
  • Make payments online
  • View invoices/statements and reprint
One integrated system means less work


  • It's one sales system so no need to buy separate software products to complete your sales needs. Members log in to the same system as staff to make payments or register for programs. Included are the following options:
    • Membership Sales
    • Aquatics, Fitness, and Sports
    • Childcare
    • Day or Resident Camp
    • Donations
    • Merchandise Sales
    • Member Check In
    • Online registration
    • Hall Pass (A comprehensive database of registered sex offenders for every state and the District of Columbia.)
    • Drill-down reporting capability from statistics and rosters
    • Mobile Cloud App
  • You design your login pages and they could be different for public, members and staff, or can be the same.
  • It's easy to create your home page and your individual programs. Descriptions can include video links or pictures.
  • Real time sales figures are able to be viewed in operating statements and transactions immediately including future deferred revenue.
  • Accounting options are full accrual, modified accrual, or cash basis.
  • For any product sold, the sale can be a one-time transaction, or be on a recurring basis: monthly, weekly, bi-weekly, quarterly, semi-annual or annual. The frequencies can have an end date or be continuous. Imagine a continuous donation system, or lockers paid with a continuous rate.
  • If you are offering second child discounts or financial assistance, the system already knows and applies the adjustments automatically.
  • Third party billing for state subsidized care, or employer discounts, or even a grandmother who wants to pay for her grandchildren. Third party activity is tracked for the member and for the Third Party.
  • Matching gifts are automatically applied for those members with a relationship with the donor that is matching.
  • Drill-down reporting capability from statistics and rosters.
  • Real time sales figures are able to be viewed in operating statements and transactions.

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